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592                      ^Latent Heat of Steam.

Supposing, further, that one degree in the 1    tr

has been gained by radiation from the  room,    -4-4*     **
temperature due to mixture,

20 (60 - 44) = 2 (Lh + 44 - 32)

The correct result should be 144 units, only    ol>f *%
careful preliminary radiation experiments.

Latent Heat of Steam.In Fig. 602 wat<sr i ,
flask A, and steam then passed by tube B to flask c:, \% I.
into water. The screen D is to prevent radiation- fir**?

and the experiment is continued till the water neirl>    f "
Weighing c both  before  (w-^ and  after the
difference is the amount of steam condensed (w).

Heat lost by steam = Heat gained by
w {(212 + Lh) - T\ - wl (T - ^).

Suppose the weight of water is 20 oz. at temjje?imt
weight of steam condensed i|o., and the ^nal
a loss of i occurring by radiation,


~ 147)


TJi$ exact value is 966 units,

. .    It should be well grasped 'that latent heat is a                if

teat given to the ^A^^ti^^ solid' Co'